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Mobile app helps Dubai shoppers detect fake products

The Montaji platform aims to eliminate health products that are not genuine

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Dubai Municipality has launched an initiative to tackle fake consumer products in the region, as well as protect consumers.

Montaji, an online platform and mobile app which is due in a couple of months, will register, monitor and regulate consumer products linked to beauty and health.

Under the new initiative, it will now be compulsory for products related to public health to be registered in the Montaji platform. These include health supplements, cosmetic and personal care products, perfumes, detergents, soaps, packaging materials and biocides.

Dubai Municipality says registering a product takes under 4 minutes in the system, consumers can then check the authenticity of the products. If they have any doubts or believe a product is fake, they can report it on 800900.

The mobile app edition will be available in two months said Ahmad Mohammad Kajoor, head of IT Infrastructure at the municipality.

He added: "The app will enable consumers to scan the bar code of the products and get the product details immediately. In the next phase, we will enable the app to use consumers' health profile so that they can check if certain products are suitable for them."