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DDE and RIT to develop Master's in data science

Dubai Data Establishment to support Masters degree to build skills in data science

Dubai Data Establishment and RIT will collaborate on a Master's degree in data science.
Dubai Data Establishment and RIT will collaborate on a Master's degree in data science.

Dubai Data Establishment and the Rochester Institute of Technology are to collaborate to develop a Master's degree in Data Science.

The aim of the masters is to encourage students to develop their skills in data science and create a skilled cadre to support data projects in the UAE.

Dubai Data Establishment will develop the main objectives of the programme, and provide support data laboratories and financial support for the first batch of students. DDE will also aim to secure scientific accreditation of the programme, participate in identifying research and applied projects.

RIT will develop the course in line with best practices and the requirements of educational standards.

The MoU was signed at the Smart Dubai Office by HE Younis Al-Nasser, CEO of Dubai Data Establishment, and Dr Yousef Al-Assaf, President of RIT Dubai.

HE Younis Al-Nasser said: "We are proud of this academic cooperation with Rochester Institute of Technology, a premier educational institution. This is part of our efforts to enhancing cooperation on areas of mutual interest, especially in scientific research and building knowledge. We are keen to activate the necessary frameworks for the exchange of experiences between the two entities, and to continue to drive innovation, scientific research and dissemination of information. Our goal is to expand the scope of academic work to nurture students, who wish to upgrade their knowledge, especially in Data Science, one of the vital scientific sectors.

"The Dubai Data Establishment looks forward to adopting and using the latest scientific tools, and linking the outcomes of the educational process to services in Dubai. We are confident that the programme will help nurture talented professionals who will meet the aspirations of our wise leadership to boost scientific and academic achievements. Their scientific expertise and academic achievement will strengthen informed decision-making that benefits the community."

Dr Yousef Al-Assaf, President of RIT Dubai, said: "We are delighted to share the results of the cooperation with Dubai Data Establishment in creating a Master's programme in Data Science. This is an ideal opportunity for those interested in pursuing their education in this vital field through an advanced academic curriculum in accordance with international best practices. This will form the nucleus of further progress in the field of innovation and scientific research, and in preparing generations of young scientific talents equipped with theoretical and applied knowledge in Data Sciences.

"The Rochester Institute of Technology is one of the world's leading institutions in the field of technical education since 1829. We are pleased to present a Master's program in Data Science and Analysis in collaboration with the Dubai Data Establishment related to the Smart Dubai Office. The programme will be designed to cover the advanced aspects of data collection and analyses, and its importance in smart decision-making."