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DLD urges brokers to use its app

Dubai Brokers app provides data on real estate brokers and services for investors

The Dubai Brokers app is aimed at brokers and real estate investors.
The Dubai Brokers app is aimed at brokers and real estate investors.

Dubai Land Department is urging real estate brokers adopt its ‘Dubai Brokers' smart app, to improve services in Dubai.

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency issued a circular in June obliging all estate agents offices in the Emirate to verify the accuracy of their property data through the app.

The Dubai Brokers app, which was updated in April this year, provides real time information about Dubai Brokers and Real Estate Agents Offices that are licensed and approved by Dubai Land Department. The service is intended for real estate agents and investors to enable them to access accurate data about estate agents.

The app classifies brokers by ratings based on performance and efficiency of services. It also provides data on types of real estate the broker is specialized in, and number of successful transactions completed.

The app also features services including ownership certificate verification via the app, to ensure validity of ownership documents to reduce fraud; electronic business cards for brokers; issuance of real estate permits; buying and selling property services including transfer of ownership, contracts and issuance of title deeds.

The app includes a map of real estate projects.

The smart services are intended to improve the accuracy of data records and contracts through eliminating manual paperwork, and creating digital records of transactions, as well as providing a source of statistical data on transactions in the market.