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UAE banks front Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay offers three layers of security for each transaction

Samsung Pay will be rolled out in its first phase
Samsung Pay will be rolled out in its first phase

Samsung Gulf Electronics has released the early access phase for Samsung Pay in the UAE.

The South Korean giant is currently working with various banks across the UAE, including Mashreq Bank, ENBD, NBAD, ADCB, RAK and SC.

Mohammad Gharaibeh, head of IT and Mobiles (B2B) division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: "We are excited to be in the early access phase of bringing this service to the UAE and we hope to introduce this value-added service to the entire public permanently very soon, in order to drive and lead innovation in mobile commerce. In addition, Samsung Pay also provides consumers in the UAE with a safe, smart and better mobile wallet.

"Once launched, Samsung Pay will be accepted wherever you can swipe or tap your credit card in the UAE and the merchants do not need to upgrade their existing terminals.  UAE Samsung smartphone users will be able to perform transactions at almost any merchant in a simple, convenient and secure manner, without having to use a plastic card," he added.

Samsung Pay offers three layers of security, the first is where all transactions are authorised by the users fingerprint. The second is Samsung KNOX which continuously monitors any vulnerabilities and keeps information encryption in a data vault. The third is where each transaction uses random tokens instead of card numbers.

How to use Samsung Pay:

Step 1: Swipe to access the app

Step 2: Authenticate Samsung Pay with your fingerprint

Step 3: Tap your phone on the terminal to pay