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Ankabut selects D2L’s Brightspace as new LMS

UAE’s NREN delivers a connected ecosystem for 33 academic institutions and over 100,000 students

Al Nuaimi: "Essentially, (students) can now carry their classrooms in their pockets."
Al Nuaimi: "Essentially, (students) can now carry their classrooms in their pockets."

Ankabut, the UAE’s National Research and Education Network (NREN), which connects 33 academic institutions within the UAE to each other and to learning resources around the world, has selected D2L, a learning technology company, to deploy its Brightspace platform as the network’s new learning management system (LMS).

The implementation of a uniform LMS across Ankabut’s member institutions has allowed its educators to deliver a smart learning experience through cross-faculty collaboration, two-way feedback channels and comprehensive student performance analytics.

“The Brightspace LMS has facilitated the uniformity required to enable a hyper-connected ecosystem. Additionally, students can now access learning resources anywhere and anytime, can keep in touch with their peers and educators, and can do so from multiple devices. They no longer have to be on university premises to communicate or to have access to learning resources. Essentially, they can now carry their classrooms in their pockets,” said Fahem Al Nuaimi, CEO of Ankabut.

The cloud-based architecture of the Brightspace LMS and Ankabut’s provision of it has encouraged high adoption rates among the UAE’s institutions, with 78 campuses and 100,000 students now connected to global online learning resources.

“Faculty members have noted that student performance has improved considerably from an academic point of view. Meanwhile, with the implementation of an online LMS, which is hosted in the cloud, institutions have seen a dramatic reduction in their costs. Our total cost of operations has gone down by sixty percent. An online LMS has also helped these institutions reduce their carbon footprint,” added Al Nuaimi.

“This is a big step for academic institutions and learning centres within the UAE – they can now connect to online learning resources no matter their location, and can do so with minimal disruption. We are delighted to equip Ankabut with the Brightspace platform, which with its flexible, easy-to-use and smart LMS, is perfectly aligned to its needs,” said Hanny Alshazly, regional director, MEA, D2L.