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Stop using these 10 words on LinkedIn

LinkedIn's UAE buzzwords list is a ‘what’s what’ of what not to write on your profile

‘Specialised’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Experienced’ top the the worst words to use list
‘Specialised’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Experienced’ top the the worst words to use list

LinkedIn has compiled a list of the top 10 most overused words for the UAE and warns its members that the words could put the brakes on their next career move.

Over the past twelve months, LinkedIn collected an analysis of millions of UAE profiles by shifting through the Summary section in profiles and ranked how often the buzzwords appear.

The online professional networking site stated that the words are generic and overused, and in fact do not convey anything about the individual's professional achievements.

The top ten buzzwords for UAE for 2017 are:

1.      Leadership
2.      Specialised
3.      Expert
4.      Excellent
5.      Strategic
6.      Experienced
7.      Responsible
8.      Passionate
9.      Certified
10.  Dynamic

Nada Enan, senior manager marketing & PR, LinkedIn MENA, said: "Using buzzwords to describe their professional accomplishments goes against the grain of their day job, putting professionals at risk of blending into the background instead.

He added: "Instead of relying on empty terminology, use concrete terms to describe your skills...instead of saying you excel at leadership, say you successfully manage a team of 20, for example."