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Fortinet takes aim at IoT

The cybersecurity specialist is adding numerous improvements and capabilities to its security fabric centred on IoT.

Phil Quade, chief information security officer at Fortinet.
Phil Quade, chief information security officer at Fortinet.

Fortinet, a high-performance cybersecurity solutions expert, has today announced an extension of the Fortinet Security Fabric to add defensive capabilities for enterprises around Internet-of-things (IoT).

According to Fortinet, recent IoT-based attacks has shown that the sheer volume and ease by which billions of devices can be compromised can have a substantial impact on digital economies of entire countries.

This presents a great challenge for enterprises as ensuring security traverses many types of devices and environments, whether discussing mobile devices with different operating systems, or cloud applications.

Phil Quade, chief information security officer at Fortinet said: "Malicious cyber actors have been increasingly targeting the billions of IoT devices online today, essentially turning the Internet of Things into an Internet of Threats.

"It's critical that today's enterprises implement security solutions that can identify, understand, and protect their infrastructures from the massive attack surfaces created by IoT.

"The Fortinet Security Fabric arms enterprises with proven security capabilities today, while providing a foundation for the visibility and automation required to maintain an effective IoT cybersecurity posture in the future," he added.

Organisations will need to adopt an all-encompassing security framework that scales to the entire infrastructure of the organisation in order to combat IoT-related threats. This will involve achieving complete visibility over the network, the ability of segmenting IoT devices and communication into policy, as well as having the right security protection tool in place.