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Siemens shows integrated tech for smart buildings at Intersec

Total Building Solutions improves security, safety and energy efficiency

Solutions can create intelligent buildings, able to monitor and control their own environment for maximum efficiency and comfort.
Solutions can create intelligent buildings, able to monitor and control their own environment for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Siemens will showcase its integrated building management solutions at Intersec 2017, demonstrating how building functions can be digitalised and integrated for improved security, comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Functions such as fire protection, access control, alarm systems, video surveillance, lighting, building management, low-voltage power distribution, and all other connected building equipment can be integrated and coordinated with a Total Building Solution (TBS). This enables the building’s environment to be optimised for the comfort of its users, operating costs to be reduced and the safety and security of people and assets to be increased.

“Key building functions should not be considered standalone technologies; with a Total Building Solution they can be integrated into our best-in-class iBMS Desigo CC to create an integrated view of all technical equipment in a building or campus,” said Koen Bogers, senior executive vice president, building technologies, Siemens Middle East. “The result is an intelligent building, able to monitor and control its own environment for maximum efficiency and comfort. This is the foundation of a truly smart city, and is important as the Middle East region moves towards a smarter, increasingly digitalized environment.”

Siemens will also showcase technologies which use advanced command and control software to increase situational awareness and response capabilities, raising the security level of critical infrastructure. Siveillance Vantage, an advanced software solution for processes within mission-critical security command and control centres such as power plants, factories, oil and gas sites and airports, will be shown at Intersec for the first time. Siveillance Vantage incorporates alarm and events handling and communication, and is highly adaptable to customer-specific security needs and policies and can be preconfigured to comply with country-specific regulations.

On display will be SiPass Integrated, a flexible access control system which provides security without compromising convenience and ease of use. SiPass Integrated can be used to manage access to anything from a single low-rise office or residential building, to complexes with tens of thousands of doors, gates, barriers and elevators, at multiple sites worldwide. It can also be used as a security management station, integrating access control, intruder detection and video surveillance into a single system, specifically in combination with the open and scalable IP video management software Siveillance VMS, managing everything with one combined and intuitive user-interface.

Siemens will also exhibit its multi-channel Mass Notification System, Desigo MNS, a centralised portal which integrates premise-based safety, security and communication infrastructure, and coordinates with other building processes integral to an emergency response plan. The system enables targeted mass notification of emergency communications regardless of location, through a wide range of devices including laptops and smartphones, loudspeaker alerts, monitors, digital signs and lights.

Desigo Mass Notification covers all aspects of a well-designed net-centric solution and complements it with further functionalities, such as investigative treatment, workflow guidance, reporting capabilities, incident logging, event handling support, user-friendly graphics, monitoring of disparate systems, building automation integration, integration of IP camera functionality and panic/duress monitoring.

Siemens will exhibit its Total Room Automation system, Desigo TRA, which automatically adjusts heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading to lower the energy consumption of every room in a building. Desigo CC, the company’s integrated Building Management System, will also be on display to demonstrate how reductions in building operating costs of up to 20 percent can be realized with the integration of building functions and energy optimization solutions.

Other highlights include Demand Flow, which reduces a chiller plant’s energy consumption by up to 50 percent and intelligent fire detection and extinguishing systems for the protection of people, assets and infrastructure.