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Beeks Financial Cloud implements Equinix’s Cloud Exchange

The latest implementation will aid the company’s push to expand its business globally.

Russell Poole, managing director UK, Equinix.
Russell Poole, managing director UK, Equinix.

Equinix, a global interconnection and data centre company, has revealed that Beeks Financial Cloud, a global financial cloud infrastructure provider, has deployed on Equinix's Cloud Exchange.

Beeks Financial Cloud will utilise use Cloud Exchange to connect its clientele to global cloud services and networks, through the use of a secure and low-latency interconnection model. Furthermore, by joining Equinix Cloud Exchange, the company also gains direct access to multiple cloud services providers (CSPs) in 21 markets.

Gordon McArthur, CEO, Beeks Financial Cloud, said: "Beeks Financial Cloud has continued to grow rapidly on Equinix's interconnection platform, with Hong Kong being our eighth addition.

"Data centers underpin our business and we are confident that Equinix's Cloud Exchange will enable the speed, resilience and reduced latency our customers have come to expect from our company. Equinix's global footprint of interconnected data centres has allowed our business to really thrive."

In addition to expanding the company's global footprint, the move to Equinix's Cloud Exchange will save Beeks Financial Cloud roughly $1.2m over the next three years.

Russell Poole, managing director UK, Equinix, commented: "We're seeing an increasing number of customers leverage our interconnection platform to expand their businesses globally.

"The rapid growth of the cloud industry is driving activity in all business sectors including financial services - we are seeing more businesses partner with us to host their critical financial infrastructures off-premise in our data centres in order to get the best out of the cloud.

"On Equinix Cloud Exchange, we are confident Beeks Financial Cloud will continue to accelerate its growth and move quickly into new markets."