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AXILSPOT enters into Middle East and Africa market

The company offers a whole range of enterprise wireless connectivity technologies.

Bruce Zhou, CEO, AXILSPOT.
Bruce Zhou, CEO, AXILSPOT.

AXILSPOT, a global vendor in enterprise wireless networking, recently launched operations in the Middle East and Africa region.

The company will deliver its range of wireless technologies, which include wireless access points, bridges, base station, enterprise WLAN management platforms and PoE Switches.

The company will also be offering Rscan, a multi-beam smart section array platform. Rscan reduces interference and boasts impressive transmission speeds, as well as a precise location-based service (LBS).

Bruce Zhou, CEO, AXILSPOT, said: "The Middle East and Africa has some of the fastest growing mobility growth rates as well as state of the art service provider technologies. With the arrival of 4G+ technologies in the region, end users want the same lighting fast mobile experiences available from service providers inside their offices, homes and in some public places too.

"Rscan, the AXILSPOT patented antenna array technology, fitted into all of our products, allows end users to experience the fastest wireless networking transmission speeds with minimum drop outs and line of sight interference."

To help aid its brand distribution across the region, AXILSPOT will appoint key channel partners across three partner categories; authorised solution partner, authorised value added distributor, and master distributor.

"We have a simplified channel partner structure that allows partners to engage with us in the way best suited to their business. We offer significant discount and value benefits to all the three levels of channel partners," commented Zhou.

Based on our global experience and the large number of leisure hotels, shopping malls, tourist destinations, business events and conferences, in some of the countries in the MEA region, we are very confident that our products will dramatically change the experience of mobile users and visitors in these countries," he concluded