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New Avaya Partner Programme empowers resellers

Streamlined partner programme expands rewards and helps partners align to customers’ digital business imperatives

Moubarak says the strength of a channel programme is the degree to which it enables partners to succeed.
Moubarak says the strength of a channel programme is the degree to which it enables partners to succeed.

Avaya has announced a new streamlined channel programme that gives partners the flexibility to meet their customers' needs in a fast-paced digital marketplace, while providing greater rewards for those partners that deliver exceptional value.

Dubbed Avaya EdgeSM, the new programme will help drive mutual profitability and better equip channel partners with the skills needed to help customers achieve their digital transformation objectives.

Fadi Moubarak, channel leader, Europe and AMEA, Avaya, said: "The strength of a channel programme is the degree to which it enables the success of its partners, and recognises and applauds their unique capabilities as they apply them to serve our customers. In response to the feedback provided by our partners and customers, we are introducing the Avaya Edge programme to provide the flexibility required in the market today, within a supportive structure."

Moubarak added that the new programme empowers channel partners to take Avaya's innovative solutions into the marketplace and help their customers achieve their digital business goals.

Key elements of the programme include a simplified structure with streamlined requirements and new gem designation levels that include Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald. Under the new programme changes, the Avaya Edge reduces the amount of time partners previously required to complete credentials by up to 50%, and partner co-delivery performance metrics have been reduced 56%.

In addition, partners are now compensated for a broader scope of revenue, including not only hardware or product sales but recurring services and software. The vendor has also added new incentives that will reward partners for strategic areas of achievement, such as customer value, growth and new product adoption.

According to Avaya, the new programme is better structured to accommodate and adapt to ever-changing industry, customer and partner dynamics. The introduction of five partner tracks aligns with their go-to-market model, and maps partner revenue targets and rewards based on track and geographic region.

Manish Bakshi, managing director, PACC MDS, an Avaya partner, said: "Organisations of all sizes in the Middle East and Africa region are looking to work with technology partners that can give them greater flexibility and agility so they can better meet their customers' expectations. As Avaya has successfully transitioned into a software-and-services led company, it needed to change its channel programme to reflect this transformation."

Bakshi explained that the Avaya Edge partner programme will better enable PACC MDS as an enterprise partner to help customers meet their digital transformation objectives. "In addition, it will equip us with the skills and support we need to bring Avaya's cutting-edge solutions to the market," he said.