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NetApp Insight 2016: Data levelling playing field

Any organisation, no matter its size, can now leverage the power of data to accelerate growth

Data is the currency of this digital economy, NetApp Insight 2016 conference heard.
Data is the currency of this digital economy, NetApp Insight 2016 conference heard.

A new economy driven by data creates opportunities for all like never before.

In his keynote at the NetApp Insight 2016 conference in Berlin, Henri Richard, executive VP, worldwide field and customer operations at NetApp says the digital transformation now underway will drive efficiency across organisations.

Data is the currency of this digital economy, Richard says.

NetApp Insight 2016, under the theme of Data Fabric Now, was an opportunity to dive deep into the trends and technology shaping the future of storage and data management, with focus on how to build a Data Fabric.

Data is accelerating, to what Richard describes as “a tsunami of data”. “We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help customers make sense of the data,” Richard says.

Today’s corporate IT environment is a tale of two states-efficiency on mature legacy hardware vs flexibility and agility of the modern data centre. “The on-prem data centre will not disappear: so managing this hybrid environment is fundamental to the IT industry,” says Richard.

The new IT however can simplify and modernise IT infrastructure while scaling and accelerating business performance. Nonetheless, there’s the risk of ending up with silos in the network. “We want to remove friction in managing IT across multiple platforms,” says Richard.

In the process, NetApp wants to enable the new data centre, one that is consistent, seamless, with an easy to manage data tool. This new data centre is ready for hybrid and public cloud, Richard says.

Richard says NetApp is transforming itself to serve the new era of IT. “We are now able to serve a more diverse customer base with expanding technology innovation,” Richard says, adding, “NetApp is also in a better position to address how customers want to buy and consume solutions.”

Richard describes Flash storage technology as the most important and disruptive technology in the industry. “Flash it is changing the world,” Richard asserts. “You might store your data on drive, but you run your business on flash.”

Addressing the conference, Joe Reich- executive VP, products and operations at NetApp, hailed the second anniversary of the NetApp Data Fabric.

Reich underscored the power of data. “Data is the great equaliser in technology.  Every company no matter its size can cash in on the value of data,” said Reich.

The key to cashing in on this next big thing is data management. But the process must be simple, flexible and performance oriented, says Reich.

The NetApp Data Fabric seamlessly connects on-prem and cloud architecture, says Reich. “We are making huge investment in hybrid cloud technologies that will make hybrid cloud central to IT,” he adds.