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Cisco to highlight security in digital environments at RSA conference

Company to demonstrate how its architecture can help businesses with visibility of their extended networks and defend it faster

Digital has evolved to be the central theme across industries and businesses, notes Manson.
Digital has evolved to be the central theme across industries and businesses, notes Manson.

Cisco will use RSA Conference 2016, where it’s the platinum sponsor to address the evolving role of security in digital environments.

Cisco will also and discuss new ways for enterprises to secure themselves in a digital world, including key architectural approaches that enterprises can take to protect business both today and enable it for growth and innovation moving forward. Scott Manson, cyber security leader for Middle East and Turkey, Cisco will speak on ‘Cybersecurity in the Digital Economy’ on November 16, 2016 at 10.15 am.

Cisco estimates that cybersecurity will drive $7.6 trillion of digital value over the next decade. More than three-quarters of this amount – $5.8 trillion – will result from cybersecurity’s enablement of digital use cases that instigate innovation and growth. As much as digitisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) provides opportunities to businesses, consumers and citizens, they also create greater opportunities for attackers as modern networks and their components constantly evolve and spawn new attack vectors.

“Today, digital has evolved to be the central theme across industries and businesses can no longer afford to remain ignorant of the shifts happening around, especially because everyone - prospects, customers, and partners are strongly embracing digital technologies. Due to the rapid adoption of mobile devices, ever-increasing thrust for collaboration, proliferation of cloud-based services and increasing competition, companies are pushing the threshold to drive efficiency through technology. Businesses today realize that digital is the platform to leverage in order to gain success in a rapidly changing economic scenario. By 2020, 75 percent of all enterprises are expected to become fully digital,” said Manson.

 “According to the recent 2016 Cisco Midyear Cybersecurity Report, it becomes clear that attackers are using applications that users inherently trust or view as benign, further citing that no matter how many advances the security industry makes, criminals will continue to evolve their approaches to break through defences. To be effective, solutions must work towards providing superior visibility, continuous control, and advanced threat protection across the extended network and the entire attack continuum. Threats may be lurking in places that are not very obvious. Therefore, organizations need to be more cautious than ever and invest in solutions that take a holistic approach to security,” concluded Manson.

At RSA 2016, Cisco will demonstrate how an integrated threat defence architecture can help businesses see 100% of their extended networks and defend it faster. Cisco makes security effective by making it simple, open and automated, offering intelligence-led security in order to reduce time to detection and time to resolution via Talos, which has essentially the biggest security research team focused on threat intelligence, globally. Intelligence must be shared and span the extended network and new, connected devices – empowering security technologies and security services teams with intelligence that is actionable and specific to the organization.  

At the RSA 2016 event, Scott Manson, Cyber Security Leader for Middle East and Turkey, Cisco, will address issues related to digital transformation and why security needs to be as pervasive as the IoT itself, requiring a new architectural approach and active engagement at the highest levels within organizations. 

Cisco security specialists will be available at Stand 11 to share their global experiences and success stories.