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CRA trains investigators in DNS hack detection

CRA and ICANN host technical staff and law enforcement for training on DNS investigations

The workshop was intended to help investigators to detect DNS abuse.
The workshop was intended to help investigators to detect DNS abuse.

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has held a workshop to train security personnel in investigating Domain Name System (DNS) based cybercrimes.

The training, which was conducted in collaboration with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), was intended to equip senior technical staff and law enforcement officials with the skills required to investigate DNS hacks,

The participants were introduced to strategies, techniques and tools that information security professionals use to identify abuses of DNS, malicious registrations of domain names, addresses or hosting. The workshop, conducted by Dr Richard Lamb, Senior Program Manager DNSSEC, ICANN, included demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to provide direct experience to the attendees to better understand the methodology for collecting information needed to investigate a crime and that is also commonly needed for the preparation of court orders.

"CRA takes cybersecurity matters very seriously and through such strategic training workshops we intend to build capacity among relevant agencies and technical professionals to equip them with the required skills and knowledge to intercept and block any DNS related cybercrimes and to enhance their familiarity with internet protocols," said Faisal Al-Shuaibi, CRA's Spokesperson.

The course modules covered concepts such as the challenges of distinguishing criminal use from legitimate use of DNS. Other modules covered details on accessing DNS, domain registration, and IP addressing related information. Finally, attendees were provided with useful tools to collect DNS and registration data and to locate and look at hosting sites and hosted data.

Participants in the workshop included representatives from CRA, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of Interior, Public Prosecutor, QCERT, Qatar Armed Forces, Q-Post, Ooredoo, Woqod, Qatar Electricity and Water Company, Oryx GTL, Qatar Petroleum, Commercial Bank, Qatar Petrochemical Company, Qatar International Islamic Bank, and Kahramaa.