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Pure Storage expands all-flash offering in ME

New products, the FlashBlade and FlashArray//m10, to be showcased at GITEX

The FlashBlade combines commodity hardware components with software and ultra-dense packaging to bring costs to less than US$1 per usable GB.
The FlashBlade combines commodity hardware components with software and ultra-dense packaging to bring costs to less than US$1 per usable GB.

Pure Storage has announced the regional release of FlashBlade, an all-flash storage platform and FlashArray//m10, a new entry-level model of its flagship purpose-built all-flash storage array.

Together, Pure Storage FlashBlade and the Pure Storage FlashArray form a platform designed to enable organisations build their all-flash cloud.

FlashBlade is built on an elastic scale-out architecture, which combines commodity hardware components with software and ultra-dense packaging to achieve extreme performance, scale, density and efficiency, at a cost of less than US$1 per usable GB. “The value that can be gained from efficiently storing and analysing unstructured data has a transformative effect on business,” said John Hayes, co-founder and chief architect, Pure Storage. “FlashBlade unlocks new capabilities and use cases that are simply not possible with today’s existing solutions by delivering real-time analytics at massive scale and blazing speeds to enable the future of innovation.”

Target workloads for FlashBalde include:

Analytics of everything.  Whether harnessing data from an increasingly-digital business, detecting and responding to threats from a security perimeter or collecting data from billions of IoT sensors spread around the world – competitiveness and security in tomorrow’s economy runs on data. That data is growing exponentially – and the tools to analyse it are getting richer and more transactional, capable of complex queries across massive data sets. The future of analytics requires a big and fast data platform that doesn’t constrain the questions or insights that are possible.

Cloud-native applications. We’re seeing a sea-change in how webscale cloud applications are being built. VMs are giving way to containers and micro-services, feeding the DevOps approach to building and running applications. These new applications are built to be infinitely and instantly scalable, and power a new set of customer experiences that run on data. Webscale applications need a big, fast and infinitely scalable data platform.

FlashArray//m10 is an all-rounded storage solution for mid-sized IT, as well as an affordable entry point to flash for larger enterprises looking to flash-enable a first key business application. It offers small-to-medium (SME) size enterprises the same simple, reliable and performant storage previously available only to large enterprises. FlashArray//m10 provides SMEs the ability to accelerate business-critical applications, virtualize everything and implement an internal all-flash cloud.

“This addition to the FlashArray family allows us to provide an entry-level, cost-effective option for companies that want to try purpose-built all-flash for the first time, and accelerate their journey to an all-flash datacentre,” said Matt Kixmoeller, VP of products, Pure Storage. “Cost as a barrier to all-flash adoption is a relic of the past. Companies of all sizes can now experience the simplicity, high-performance and reliability that comes with all-flash from Pure.”

Key features include:

Reliability: An enterprise-grade AFA with >99.999 percent availability, and 100 percent performance during maintenance and failures;

Simplicity: A manual that fits on two business cards, Pure1 SaaS-based management at your fingertips, and the new Pure1 mobile app for Android and iOS provide storage that anyone can manage;

Capacity: Up to 25 TB of effective capacity (5-10 TB raw storage);

Performance: All-flash consistent performance, with <1ms average latency, up to 100,000 32K input/output operations per second (IOPS), and 512byte variable internal block size;

Expandability: Modular capacity, performance and feature expansions without maintenance windows or data migrations, both within and across product generations. With FlashArray//m and Evergreen Storage, the storage array upgrades and evolves over time around your data, not the other way around.

Pure Storage will showcase both products at GITEX next month.