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Think Software Services unveils cloud services practice

WannaGo Cloud to offer disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS)

Verma says WannaGo Cloud has a range of  best-of-breed technologies at its core.
Verma says WannaGo Cloud has a range of best-of-breed technologies at its core.

Systems integrator, Think Software Services, has launched a new cloud services practice that will see the company provide disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) to companies in the Middle East.

Dubbed WannaGo Cloud, the new service, said the systems integrator, will help companies to drastically reduce IT costs through the use of a cloud as opposed to an on-premise disaster recovery (DR) offerings.

Deepak Verma, managing director, Think Software Services, said the company has decided to launch its WannaGo Cloud services offering because DR is often perceived as an investment in a type of IT insurance that may never be utilised.

Verma said with this in mind, Think Software Services believes it has a duty to provide a DRaaS solution, which not only brings upfront capital cost reduction, but also allows customers to utilise their investment in innovative ways. "The shift to cloud services provides an elastic, scalable, pay-as-you grow model and lower per person access costs," he noted. "To take advantage of the cloud, organisations need a trusted advisor and partner who understands the cloud's potential to provide agile IT that is focused on meeting the business needs."

He acknowledged that although many companies choose to implement their own DR, which is a responsible attitude and must be lauded, this can lead to significantly higher costs than those businesses that choose to outsource this function to a third-party offering DRaaS.

Verma explained that WannaGo Cloud has a range of powerful, best-of-breed technologies at its core. "Dell is at the cornerstone of WannaGo's infrastructure, providing the servers, storage and networking equipment for the base, while VMware and Microsoft software completes the package," he said. "Dell's infrastructure sets our solution apart. In combination with our superior SLAs, this constitutes the perfect marriage."

According to the company, the solution is packed with a host of benefits including  providing the shortest recovery time objectives (RTOs) available within the UAE, with provisioning for reverse replication over 1 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). "Security is built-in, with dedicated firewall ports for ingress and egress traffic," he said.

Aside from the solution's technical specifications, 24x7 technical support and many other benefits, WannaGo Cloud also stands to help organisations from a business perspective, stated the company.

"The fact that it's very competitively priced and has no setup fees makes it more compelling. It becomes very easy to justify this kind of investment to business stakeholders," he said.

Verma added that WannaGo Cloud stands to benefit a host of organisations, but has high hopes for specific vertical sectors. "Educational establishments are ideally positioned to make the most of WannaGo Cloud," he said. "Equally, the solution is apt for a broad range of public and private entities."