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Bahraini university adopts Brightspace LMS

Brightspace meant to improve performance through analytics, predictive and adaptive learning tools

Being cloud-based, Brightspace facilitates mobility, says Alshazly.
Being cloud-based, Brightspace facilitates mobility, says Alshazly.

D2L, a provider of learning technology solutions, announces it has deployed Brightspace—the company’s cloud-based learning management system (LMS)—at the University College of Bahrain.

Brightspace will support offline, mobile and blended learning for the university’s students and will improve student performance with advanced analytics and adaptive learning tools, the company says.

“Technology is changing the way students learn and universities teach. The founders of the University College of Bahrain anticipate aggressive growth in the next ten years and want to support it with a flexible, easy-to-use and smart LMS. Brightspace is perfectly aligned with their needs. Being cloud-based, it facilitates mobility, and its learning analytics improve outcomes by monitoring, evaluating and predicting learner performance,” noted Hanny Alshazly, regional director, MEA, D2L.

Today, twenty-five instructors from across the university’s three departments of business administration, information technology, and media and communication are using Brightspace. The solution was delivered to the University College of Bahrain via D2L’s regional provider, Naseej.

“Our vision for the University College of Bahrain is to enable each student to learn on their mobile device, tablet or laptop and be able to connect to campus technologies, access learning resources, review grades and receive feedback. The advanced analytics capabilities in Brightspace enable us to identify students are at risk, track critical gaps in knowledge, and personalise learning objectives,” commented Abdulla K. Al-Khalifa, executive director – technology and innovation, University College of Bahrain.

Academic institutions across the Middle East and Africa region are working towards preparing students for the demands of the modern workplace. The region’s LMS market is set to grow to USD $425.2 million by 2019, a rate outstripping projected global growth.