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Elitegroup releases new motherboard

Vendor touts ECS H110S-2P mini-STX motherboard

ECS' H110S-2P motherboard that was jointly developed with Intel.
ECS' H110S-2P motherboard that was jointly developed with Intel.

Motherboard manufacturer, Elitegroup, together with chip maker Intel have launched a new motherboard the ECS H110S-2P.

The new motherboard's Mini-STX form factor extends high performance and flexibility to something as small as a hand.

The vendor's new LIVA Pro mini PC is based on the H110S-2P providing users best performance and trim choice.

Health Winston, director, Intel Desktop chipset and Customer Marketing said: "the mini socket technology extended (Mini-STX) platform brings the performance and the configuration flexibility of traditional tower desktops to mini PCs. The LIVA Pro from ECS is a great example of cooperation between Intel and ECS to drive innovative solutions on the desktop."

The Mini-STX is a smaller than mini-ITX (147mm × 140mm) and reduces the layout space of the PCB by 29%. In addition, it supports the sixth LGA1151 processors without special regulations products, as well. Just choose a suitable chassis to be a builder of a One-Liter computer with our mini-STX motherboard design.

According to the ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro are better than ATX/M-ATX PC with lower power consumption and light volume case.