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KNPC deploys VMware to support private cloud

Virtualisation solutions to support KNPC private cloud project

KNPC deploys VMware to support private cloud
KNPC will provide IT services to its users through a private cloud project.

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) has selected VMware network virtualisation solutions to support its private cloud program.

The oil & gas company is developing IT-as-a-Service through a multi-site private cloud, to accelerate service delivery to users, and improve IT efficiency and service experience. KNPC will deploy VMware NSX network virtualization and VMware vRealize Suite for cloud management.

"Our adoption of a VMware-based software-defined data centre will enable our cloud transformation, and help IT be a strategic partner by operating at the speed at which our business is moving," said Abdulaziz A. Al-Duaij, manager Information Technology Department in KNPC. "The units throughout our refineries depend on IT services for informed decision making. Our VMware-based private cloud lets us provision IT services faster, and enables us to put applications and Big Data on top of our cloud services so senior management has access to actionable business intelligence."

KNPC is developing private cloud to deliver IT as a Service to the company's growing base of users. This cloud transformation is occurring in parallel with the organisation's adoption of DevOps methodologies. Ultimately, the long term strategy is to deliver a community cloud offering Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Database as a Service to developers both at the company and its sister companies.

The VMware vRealize Suite is intended to provide better visibility into the IT infrastructure for KNPC, to enable it to better predict capacity requirements, and enable faster time to resolution through proactive monitoring. The IT automation capabilities of vRealize Automation help eliminate manual tasks, which makes IT more efficient and also minimizes security risk.

KNPC realised quickly that the company could not fully achieve the benefits of a multi-site private cloud without virtualizing the network. Without VMware NSX network virtualization, the network would remain a bottleneck to servicing the business by limiting the ability to roll out new or updated services with full security in a timely manner. KNPC will use NSX for both automation, security and application continuity. With NSX micro-segmentation, IT will be able to apply granular controls to application security and build a highly resilient and natively secure SDDC. NSX will enable KNPC to live migrate VMs or entire data centres from one location to another with little to no application downtime. Finally, NSX will enable KNPC to pool compute resources from any of their existing three physical data centres which will operate as a single logical cloud.

KNPC believes the payoffs from its VMware-based private cloud will be very tangible. Service delivery will be 60-70% faster, which will help mitigate shadow IT. High levels of automation, better visibility and the ability to implement a hardware vendor-agnostic infrastructure will drive down costs. KNPC IT expects to achieve resource utilization rates that are three times better, and the cost of every day IT management activities is expected to be reduced by 60%. These budget savings can be invested in new innovations. Finally, KNPC expects the VMware-based private cloud will help them improve overall IT's overall customer satisfaction rating.

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