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ADMCC launches Falcon Eye to watch over Abu Dhabi

Surveillance system will be used by government agencies for safety and security

Falcon Eye will provide a central smart monitoring service for the UAE capital.
Falcon Eye will provide a central smart monitoring service for the UAE capital.

Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre (ADMCC) has launched its new Falcon Eye System, an integrated, live surveillance system which covers the whole city.

The Falcon Eye System provides coverage across the city of Abu Dhabi, including the Abu Dhabi International Airport, the main islands, and the areas of Bani Yas and Musaffah.

The system has a live feed from thousands of surveillance devices across Abu Dhabi, which connect into a single integrated control system which provides smart warnings and quick access to data for events and incident management. The solution will be utilised by ADMCC and other partners, with functions tailored to each of their requirements and roles.

HE Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police and ADMCC Board Chairman said that the system is part of the vision of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to pursue its efforts to build a safe society, and a sustainable and globally open and competitive economy. The system will be used to increase security and safety and facilitate the management of the city.

The Falcon Eye System links cameras across the city and at important facilities across the Emirate, which feed into a smart analysis interface that can automatically raise case by case warnings directed for specific entities. ADMCC is working with various local and federal government entities to drive adoption of the service and develop new uses of the data.

The system will be used in areas such as traffic management, to detect traffic violations, manage traffic accidents and manage traffic flows and intersections. The solution will also be able to monitor human behaviour within the city. ADMCC will also analyse data from Falcon Eye in a centralised data facility, which can be used to monitor events in the city, and share the data with partners according to their requirements. The system will also contribute to planning procedures aimed at providing protection during important events, and facing security risks in the city, emergencies and natural disasters.

ADMCC also has a brief to utilise big data technologies with the aim of issuing detailed reports and statistics to be used to regulate existing services and plan the development of future services.

ADMCC Director General Saeed Saif Al Neyadi commented: "The continuous development which the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is witnessing requires us to stay up-to-date with the latest global technologies and developments in this field to protect national gains and provide a suitable environment for the Emirate's progress and growth."