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Microsoft demonstrates Azure cloud solutions at Cloud MENA

Emotional API, using photo images as an input, was among latest technologies on show

Cankaya highlighted how leveraging cloud improves customer satisfaction, brings innovation and agility.
Cankaya highlighted how leveraging cloud improves customer satisfaction, brings innovation and agility.

Microsoft showcased its various solutions around Microsoft Azure such as storage, disaster recovery, and developing modern applications during Cloud MENA Summit 2016.

Sample dashboards showcasing Power BI, predictive management and health monitoring scenarios were also shown at the event, with focus on Microsoft customers ThyssenKrupp and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthcare Systems that draw up on the potential of IoT and utilization of predictive analysis for intelligent actions. The audience were able to experience how Microsoft technologies can be used to garner insights for improving business intelligence.

Attendees at the Microsoft Stand were able to experience innovations in Microsoft Cloud technology through the emotion detection application, by uploading their photographs. The emotional API in this latest cloud tool uses photo images as an input and runs a set of operations using the Face API, generating results through analysing facial expressions.

Amongst keynote sessions, the agenda also hosted an address by Mehmet Nuri Cankaya - Microsoft Azure Regional Marketing Manager, Microsoft MEA, who talked about the Cloud as we know it, and its future with digital transformation as well as driving new revenue streams enabled by cloud technologies. Cankaya also highlighted as to how leveraging the cloud improves customer satisfaction, brings innovation, agility and makes an organization a competitive player in the market.

The event also hosted various panel discussion including one focused on “Enabling mobility to increase customer satisfaction and enable employees” with participation by Mina Nagy – MEA Enterprise Mobility Business Lead, Microsoft. The discussion evolved around the importance of mobility for employees to deliver a better customer experience where Mina seized the opportunity to talk about Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite that brings cost efficiency, data security and productivity across the organization.

With a 33% attendance growth in 2015 and an 81% c-level speaker panel, Cloud MENA is the only dedicated show to discuss how Cloud and Cloud enabled technologies can accelerate businesses towards digital transformation & innovation. The technology breakthroughs presented at the event served to validate the power of cloud based innovation and reflected accurately upon Microsoft’s aims for what the future of cloud services has in store.