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DarkMatter appoints ex-Cisco veteran

Rabih Dabboussi joins DarkMatter as senior vice president of sales, marketing and business development

Rabih Dabboussi joins DarkMatter
Rabih Dabboussi joins DarkMatter

Cyber-security firm, DarkMatter, has announced the appointment of technology executive, Rabih Dabboussi as its senior vice president of sales, marketing and business development.

Dabboussi joins DarkMatter from Cisco UAE, where he was managing director.

In his new position, Dabboussi will be responsible for the company's overall business development, sales, and go-to-market strategy as it seeks to secure engagements across various industry sectors, such as national critical infrastructure, telecom, financial services, energy and government sectors. He will also lead marketing functions at DarkMatter, as well as internal and external communications.

Faisal Al Bannai, DarkMatter Chief Executive Officer said: "We are very pleased to have attracted yet another experienced technology executive to join our ranks. Cisco is a world class company, and Dabboussi's own journey of 20 years with it is equally impressive. He brings with him real depth of expertise in the areas of digitisation, IP connectivity, security, Smart Cities, and the Internet of Things (IoT); all central to our ambitions at DarkMatter."

He continued: "Dabboussi also has extensive experience working with senior representatives of governments and large enterprises on their technology outlook, and on how to leverage IP to enable organisations to operate efficiently while delivering customer success. As DarkMatter builds its presence and engagements with public and private entities in the UAE and across the region, Dabboussi's understanding of market drivers and his established relationships will be invaluable." 

Dabboussi joined Cisco in 1996 within the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, USA, and has spent 20 years there. He worked on Cisco's flagship Internetworking Operating System (IOS) development on many of the company's core routing platforms, mobile and telecom products, as well as on the mobile solutions the company provided.  

He was also responsible for all areas of Cisco's business across government and private sector organisations and he worked closely with Cisco's partner ecosystem in the region. His responsibilities extended to driving and forging close relationships with government stakeholders and ensuring that Cisco's business objectives and goals were closely aligned.

Furthermore, Dabboussi played a key role in driving Cisco's smart City strategy in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.

Dabboussi added: "I feel very proud to be part of the DarkMatter team.  I was attracted to this role having been exposed to the passion and vision of DarkMatter, which as a relatively new organisation, only has the present and future in its strategic outlook, without legacy. Cyber security has become a national priority in the UAE and elsewhere, and a critical area in ensuring the sustainable growth and success of economies and societies.  DarkMatter's ambition to position itself at the centre of securing critical national infrastructure and how entities protect their digital assets in a connected age is a well-timed and highly relevant one."

He continued, "Cyber-security is a critical priority for nations; I look forward to helping senior industry players take full advantage of the benefits offered by resilient and secure digitisation, and the wide adoption of IP connectivity, without compromising their security."

Already a partner to the UAE Government, DarkMatter is staffed by tier one international cyber experts who develop, manage and deploy the most innovative technologies.