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Bahrain MTT selects Ideagen for quality management

New software will automate key tasks for quality and safety management functions

The MTT will use the Ideagen solution for managing quality and safety management.
The MTT will use the Ideagen solution for managing quality and safety management.

Bahrain's Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT) has deployed a new software solution to automate quality and safety management functions.

The MTT has selected Ideagen's Q-Pulse software to replace manual functions for occurrence and incident management, audit management and overall quality and safety. The MTT has also adopted Q-Pulse to handle critical job functions related to certain regulations and standards.

Maram Abdulla Al-Bastaki, Project Leader at MTT, said: "We were looking for a solution that would help in providing an automated approach to replace manual processes focusing on occurrence and incident management, audit management as well as quality and safety procedures.

"To be more specific, the Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA) sector - comprising of the Air Navigation Directorate, Safety and Security Directorate and the Aeronautical Licensing Directorate - handles critical job functions and they are required to follow certain regulations and standards in their work.

"As a result, they required a system to strengthen the oversight role of the CAA by providing comprehensive and secure audit capabilities as well as occurrence & incident reporting including management and analysis capabilities - not to mention overall control on their quality and safety procedures. All of that will help in ensuring compliance with ICAO Safety regulations and requirements. We looked at different solutions used by other organisations, but Q-Pulse was the most suitable to our requirements."

Among the standards that Q-Pulse will help MTT adhere to are those associated with ICAO, IATA, IOSA, ANTR and ISO. Maram added: "These standards require us to follow certain procedures and rules whether in relation to audits, occurrences and incidents or document control. Having Q-Pulse will help in applying and enforcing these procedures."

Maram added: "Q-Pulse's modules basically resembles any organisation's real life teams working together to achieve operational efficiency, accurate incident management and compliance to international standards and regulations. If implemented and utilised correctly, it could completely replace all manual paper based processes with a much better automated solution making everyone's life easier.

"Indeed, our hope for Q-Pulse is that the system replaces all of our manual processes. We are also hopeful of implementing the product within other sectors and directorates in the ministry."