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datamena appoints new vice president

UAE's datamena announced newly appointed Abou Mustafa as vice president

datamena has appointed Abou Mustafa as its new vice president
datamena has appointed Abou Mustafa as its new vice president

The UAE's data and digital content hub, datamena, has appointed Abou Mustafa as its new vice president in a bid to develop bonds with telecom du.

The change comes as datamena's customer base platform is expanding, and therefore it aims to strengthen ties with du to provide a range of managed services and business solutions.

"Our commitment to maintaining growth on various levels requires our enrollment into regular development, especially in the leadership positions," said Fahad Al Hassawi, chief commercial officer at du.

"Welcoming Abou Mustafa to datamena represents a strategic move by du, due to his  proven ability to innovate and develop strategy for the business, he also possesses excellent communication skills and the ability to establish sustainable and efficient relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the world. In turn, Mahesh Jaishankar, who led datamena to years of business success and prosperity, will take responsibility of an important strategic role in du."

Datamena offers the carrier community the most efficient ways to connect both locally, in the UAE and across the Middle East, North Africa and Western Asia.

Abou Mustafa, vice president enterprise managed services and datamena added: "I am thrilled to join the datamena team and advance the growth of datamena in the region, as we continue to welcome new partners on board, while capitalising on the regional and global demand for our solutions.

"In a world where we are more connected on every level, be it business or in our personal lives, we see a great opportunity to provide our customers with best-in-breed data hub services, so that they can grow their business, and serve their customers better in the region."