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Apple's Siri now supports Arabic

Arabic support for digital assistant rolled out in iOS 9.2 update

Arabic language support is provided in the UAE and Saudi Arabia
Arabic language support is provided in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Apple has updated its digital assistant, Siri, so that it can now understand and act upon words spoken in Arabic.

The update comes with the latest version of the iOS operating system, iOS 9.2, which was globally rolled out last week. In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, however, users are given an extra option - to switch Siri to Arabic language, rather than English.

Indeed, the iOS 9.2 update was a relatively comprehensive one, and didn't stop at providing Arabic support for Siri. Improvements have been made to Apple Music, allowing users to more easily make playlists, save songs offline and browse classical music. There have also been updates to Apple News, as well as a new Mail Drop for the Mail app, which allows users to send large attachments.

In other updates, iBooks now supports 3D Touch (only available on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus), and iPhone support for the USB Camera Adaptor has been added to import photos and videos.

Apple also issued a number of bug fixes with iOS 9.2, meaning that the whole experience should, on the whole, be more stable.