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Hitches & Glitches and Gadgitech form smart home partnership

Companies partner to deliver smart home solutions in the UAE

(l-r) Mohamed Issa and Markus Oberlin signing the partner agreement.
(l-r) Mohamed Issa and Markus Oberlin signing the partner agreement.

UAE-based home maintenance company, Hitches & Glitches, gadget distributor Gadgitech ME have formed an exclusive ‘smart home' partnership, to increase sales of smart home solutions.

Hitches & Glitches, part of the Farnek Group, will gain a better understanding of the latest smart home technology through the partnership, along with ongoing training on new technologies, to broaden its home maintenance offering. Meanwhile, Gadgitech will be able to expand its sales and distribution capabilities by offering comprehensive installation and after sales service support and other smart home packages.

"The cost of a smart home varies, but it is not uncommon for some householders to spend over AED 500,000 to get their homes kitted-out with the latest automated technology. With that sort of investment, these more discerning consumers will want a maintenance service to match their smart homes," said Markus Oberlin, CEO, Farnek.

"With the popularity of smartphones and tablets which can be configured to control a whole host of devices, offering 360 degree solutions for those home owners who like to be in control of their properties at all times - especially remotely, we believe that this is an emerging home maintenance trend that is here to stay."

Gadgitech's technicians will train Hitches & Glitches staff on installation and servicing for smart devices, and show how to explain the features and benefits of living in a smart home.

"Hitches & Glitches is a successful UAE-based home maintenance company that has been built on reliability, quality workmanship and value-for-money and today, it operates over 100 vehicles, employs more than 300 highly trained professionals and serves over 10,000 customers across the UAE. And that does not include Farnek, the commercial arm of the group which celebrated its 35th anniversary earlier this year," said Mohamed Issa, managing partner, Gadgitech.

"Hitches & Glitches also has state-of-the-art training facilities, where we can regularly update their technicians, about the latest smart home technology and products," added Issa.

The companies will focus on two initial offerings, with Hitches & Glitches becoming preferred installation and service partner. The first is the ‘Withings Home' monitoring system, which allows users to connect in HD to their home anywhere, day and night, in just 30 seconds. The solution also monitors air quality within the home.

The second solution is the ‘Elgato Avea Lamp' a dynamic home lighting system which can be controlled by smart devices. Future smart products will include the ‘Netatmo Welcome' facial recognition home security camera, which will identify a person walking past and update your smart device.

The new products will also be launched via the Hitches & Glitches new online Lifestyle Store, which will feature a ‘Smart Home Automation Systems' section dedicated to automated gadgets and devices for smart homes. Hitches & Glitches will not only sell, but deliver and install all of the featured products across the UAE, as well as offer tips and hints about technology, as well as introducing more products such as lighting solutions, temperature control devices and energy saving technologies.