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ISnSC launches Counter Terrorism and Cyber Crime Unit

CTCU will help law enforcement in cyber investigations through advanced tools and services

The ISnSC CTCU will assist in cyber investigations.
The ISnSC CTCU will assist in cyber investigations.

UAE-based IT security company ISnSC has announced the formation of a dedicated Counter Terrorism and  Cyber-Crime Unit (CTCU), which will focus on offering IT tools and services to aid in cyber investigations.

The CTCU will provide different consultations and solutions leveraging government cyber capabilities, in addition, the CTCU will provide related services directly to both the government sector and the financial sector whenever possible. With more insight required, the CTCU will also offer intensive cyber intelligence.

ISnSC will also offer a CTCU platform, based on ISnSC's Providence intelligence engine utilizing black art methods and techniques to provide deep insight into cyber crime incidents and suspicious activities. For this purpose, the CTCU has been working on developing a wide range of highly sophisticated cyber intelligence analysis tools, in addition to cooperation with other highly specialized relevant entities worldwide.

"Criminal activities have been rapidly moving to the cyber realm" said Sherif Hazzaa, managing director of ISnSC R&D FZ LLC. "Almost every crime is either fully cyber or rely on cyber channels. Most of our efforts are directed to Child Protection, Anti-Narcotics, Counter Terrorism and Identity Validation to limit impersonation. We believe in a safer Internet and a safer world."

During recent cyber attacks on financial institutions, airlines and government portals, traditional security measures in place became questionable. The CTCU will help leverage Law Enforcement Agencies' (LEA) existing capabilities to confront such crimes including future expected attacks against critical infrastructure and SCADA systems. Predictive Intelligence engines will also help saving lives.

The CTCU Platform is based on Providence's engine developed by ISnSC to visualize active threats and attacks, currently a major challenge to critical infrastructure networks. The Providence engine provides nationwide insight with deep analysis which enables law enforcement a better view and a better correlation of different cyber-activities. A main focus will be Identity Tracking across different social networks and online presence, as well as showing crimes originating nodes.