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Snapchat hits 6bn daily video views

Media clip platform triples views in six months

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Snapchat has tripled its daily video views in just six months to reach 6bn, according to a report from the Financial Times.

In May Snapchat's views were 2bn per day. The growth comes amid sweeping changes to the platform that allows users to send picture messages and videos that are deleted after a set period of time.

Facebook recently announced it is handling more than 8bn video views every day, doubling its April figure, but earlier this year the social giant was hit with controversy over how it counted those views. It counts a view after only a few seconds, but Snapchat, which handles videos that are only a few seconds long, requires only milliseconds before it is counted as a view.

Snapchat's success may be centred on the addition of its Stories service, which allowed users to broadcast clips to more than one other user. The platform then added other features, such as replays, rewinds and stickers, as it grew its advertising business.