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Alphabet holds talks with US regulator over drones plan

Project Wing expected to bear fruit in 2017

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Holding company Alphabet, formerly known as Google, has earmarked 2017 for the launch of its delivery drones business, Reuters reported.

The drones programme, named Project Wing, is run by David Vos, who yesterday said Alphabet is in talks with the US Federal Aviation Administration over plans to set up an air-traffic control system specifically to monitor drone activity. If approved, the system will use wireless telecoms networks and the Internet to regulate unmanned aircraft flying below 500 feet.

"Our goal is to have commercial business up and running in 2017," Vos said at an air-traffic control convention near Washington DC.

Alphabet's drones venture will bring it into competition with a number of other companies experimenting with drone delivery, including Amazon. Project Wing was announced in August 2014.