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Huawei drives vehicle safety

Chinese company launches Agile IoT solution for vehicles

Malik: IoT helps improve safety.
Malik: IoT helps improve safety.

Huawei has launched its Agile Internet of Things (IoT) solution for vehicles at GITEX Technology Week, to help make public transportation safer for citizens.

Huawei’s Smart In-Vehicle IoT Security solution is the first step to offering ultimate control for public transportation leaders and emergency services operators. The In-Vehicle IoT solution, which uses Huawei’s Agile IoT Gateway as a mission-critical component, offers a variety of services such as in-vehicle video surveillance, accurate passenger tracking, emergency services communication and real-time vehicle health data analysis. It even allows for a host of multi-media services for passenger’s entertainment.

“The boundaries of the Internet of Things are quickly expanding and our world is transforming with the development of smart and safe city technology,” says Faisal Ameer Malik, CTO Enterprise Solution Sales, Huawei ME.

“The IoT solution enables public transport buses and other transportation vehicles to exist in a seamless wireless mobile environment, so that users are able to utilise the connected benefits, ensuring greater levels of control and safety on the road,” he adds.

The Huawei Smart In-Vehicle IoT solution mainly covers school buses and public transport commuter vehicles, but can also be implemented within police cars and other emergency response units and government vehicles.

One of the key features of Huawei’s Smart In-vehicle IoT solution is its streamlined connectivity to emergency services in the event of a crisis. An emergency button is mounted inside the vehicle that the driver can activate, which sends out an alarm. Through the Geographic Information System (GIS), the location can be detected in real-time and the in-vehicle video surveillance data can be quickly accessed ensuring that the relevant measures can be taken to guarantee passenger safety.