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Kodak Alaris brings a cutting edge

Firm keen to point out that it is not just a document-scanning company

Whitton: We’re not just a document scanning company.
Whitton: We’re not just a document scanning company.

Kodak Alaris is keen to point out that it is not just a document-scanning company, and this year at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK, its Eastern Cluster Manager for Document Imaging, David Whitton, is telling delegates about the company’s latest innovation in the field of intelligent image capture. “What we’re [focusing] on this year is [a solution] called InfoInput, which is thin-client Web capture, but with the functionality of thick client,” Whitton enthuses.

“Most capture software was written in the mid nineties. It’s Windows-based or predates that, and if you want to install it someone needs to physically go out and install it. If you’re a large corporation you need a local IT department to install the scanners.

“Up until now, thin-client software has had limited functionality for scanning, but now we have all the functionality you would find in a thick client, but in a thin client. So the IT manager can deploy everything remotely.”

One customer using the InfoInput solution, according to Whitton, is financial giant JP Morgan Chase, with 5,000 users.

“They were able to upgrade those users in an hour,” Whitton enthuses. Kodak Alaris Middle East’s success story is rooted in its previous participation at GITEX Technology Week.

“We’re seeing phenomenal growth in the region,” says Whitton. “If you look at the scanner stats for the first six months of this year, there were about 53,000 document scanners sold in the Middle Eastern market and we sold 17,000 of them, just behind Fujitsu, which we used to be 10,000 or 12,000 scanners behind. So we’re on course to become the market leader,” he adds.

“One of things we gained two years ago was a lead for the Ministry of the Interior in Oman and we’re doing a scanning project [now] for the Omani Shura Council elections. That’s probably testament to our knowledge-share strategy. We’re not just a document-scanning company.”