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Vision Solutions upgrading the advantage

Company showcases latest versions of Double-Take, MIMIX products

Customers want solutions, rather than point products says Khattab.
Customers want solutions, rather than point products says Khattab.

Vision Solutions will be focusing on showcasing the newest versions of products in its Double-Take and MIMIX solution families at this year’s GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK.

The software vendor, which specialises in database systems, is demoing Double-Take 8 and MIMIX 8 at this year’s exhibition, and according to Mike Khattab, EMEA Vice President of Sales at Vision Solutions, both sets of products will provide significant advantages to customers.

“We have two lines of business — Double-Take, which is on the Intel side, and of course we have the Unix product line with MIMIX. And now we are presenting both products with the newest release — MIMIX 8 and Double-Take 8, which is definitely going to give our customers a big advantage over all of their environment configurations, between virtual, physical and cloud,” he says.

Khattab adds that Vision Solutions has gained recognition from customers for providing solutions that cover a range of features and environments, meaning that there are now full suites available. For example, the Double-Take line comprises products around high availability, disaster recovery, and cloud migration, and the MIMIX range is similarly broad.

“The customers now are sick and tired of product selections – they want a solution that covers all of their environment. In the US, we call it one hand to shake, one neck to break. They need that solution to accommodate for all of their environment – from virtual to physical, and even the cloud if they need it in the future,” Khattab says.

“They want it to be scalable, they want it to be flexible, and of course they want it to be affordable as well.  Definitely our customers are aching for these types of solutions to accommodate their complex environments.”

Vision Solutions is also using GITEX as an opportunity to meet its customers and partners. The vendor has between 150 and 170 active partners in the MEA region.