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Facebook revamps mobile experience, including looping profile video

Social firm simplifies privacy, updates layout, optimises for smaller screens

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Facebook has rolled out a series of amendments to allow its mobile users to control their privacy settings and customise profiles, including a feature that allows the replacement of the static profile photo with a 7-second looping video.

"People visit Facebook profiles more than 4bn times per day," the social giant claimed on its news pages, as it announced the changes, which were specifically tailored to mobile experiences.

Apart from the looping video, users will be able to set a temporary picture as their profile image, which expires on a set date and automatically reverts back to a default image.

Facebook gives a meaningful nod to privacy, supplying mobile users with a space in which they can manually set the privacy level of each field, fill out a public bio and pin up to five featured photos. Facebook says the space will be public, but the user will have full control of what information is included in it.

Aesthetic have also been considered. Profile photos and videos will sit centre-screen, profile images will be bigger and photos and friends will be positioned at the top of the screen.

Facebook is testing the features right now among a select band of US and UK users and will push them live "soon".