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Apple TV will put gaming front and centre: report

Wednesday’s launch to include big announcement on set-top product

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Apple is expected to make gaming an integral part of its Apple TV product, with enough power for rich graphics and a redesigned remote that can double as a controller, the New York Times reported, citing anonymous insiders.

Apple TV will reportedly be a major part of Apple's annual launch day, to be held on Wednesday in San Francisco, California. In selecting gaming as a central element of the product, Apple is recognising the emergence of the casual gamer that plays on mobile devices rather than consoles, and is a threat to Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox. The company will now focus on bringing those experiences to a larger screen, in the living room, and making them more social, rather than competing with console-makers.

Apple TV comes in the form of a set-top device that has, for eight years, been used mainly for streaming music and video. But now the company will deliver new games through the App Store.

Prices for Apple TV devices will reportedly start at around $150, which is more than double the price of today's entry-level Apple TV, but much less than the $300 to $500 charged by console vendors.

Apple takes a 30% cut of revenue from games downloaded from the App Store. If it can manage to share in the $27bn console industry, that would represent a sizeable addition to revenue streams outside the company's core devices business.

Apple will hold a special event on Wednesday to launch Apple TV, but the headline announcement at that event is expected to be the iPhone 6S range. ITP.net will be monitoring the launch and will bring you all the news from it.