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MoH manages IT infrastructure with Nexthink

IT analytics solutions helping Ministry of Health to maintain healthy IT environment

IT analytics have results in cost savings for the Ministry, says Ali Alajme.
IT analytics have results in cost savings for the Ministry, says Ali Alajme.

The UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) has selected Nexthink IT analytics applications to manage its IT infrastructure more effectively.

The MoH has a highly complex IT infrastructure, covering 10,000 users at over sites across the UAE. The Nexthink solution provides the ministry's IT team with greater insight into IT operations, to be able to proactively deal with any issues and to have better monitoring of asset utilisation.

Mubaraka M. Ali Ibrahim, director, Health Information Systems Department, Ministry of Health, UAE said: "Nexthink's IT analytics provides accurate data of our IT infrastructure. This is a critical element to ensure our services are running smoothly. Nexthink helps our IT team in solving problems as they occur and preventing the spread of incidents that could impact the level of service we provide to healthcare facilities and therefore the general population."

"IT analytics have greatly helped us implement standardization in our environment," said Ali Alajme, IT director at the Ministry of Health, UAE. "We are now able to accurately monitor our assets and understand how they are utilized in real-time. This has led to significant cost savings related to bandwidth, software and hardware."

"We are extremely proud to work with the Ministry of Health and help them meet their IT objectives," said Ahmed Seleem, regional manager, Nexthink. "Nexthink's IT analytics enable the Ministry of Health to easily verify which systems are running on which machines, and to see any blocks or issues in the IT environment. This is an important element to ensure that critical healthcare services are running smoothly."