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Jeep hacker resigns from Twitter role

Charlie Miller, who took control of a Jeep Cherokee, offers no clue as to reason for departure

Security threats, Fiat

Charlie Miller, the security researcher who last month exposed flaws in a Jeep Cherokee by taking control of it remotely, has resigned from his engineering job at Twitter, Reuters reported.

Miller, a former National Security Agency hacker, had been in his Twitter role three years, and his departure comes at a time when the micro-blogging business is searching for a new CEO. Miller would not comment on his future plans or the circumstances surrounding his decision to quit.

Miller and IOActive researcher Chris Valasek demonstrated vulnerabilities in a Jeep Cherokee in early July by hacking into the vehicle from 10 miles away while a Wired journalist was on board. They took control of its windscreen wipers, air conditioning and stereo before driving the vehicle into a ditch. Fiat Chrysler (FCA), which makes the Jeep range, recalled 1.4m vehicles from across its product lines, to address the issue.

The major concern raised by the Jeep Cherokee incident was that Miller and Vaselak's interference did not require any prior physical access to the target vehicle.

An FCA Middle East spokesperson told ITP.net in July that its regional customers were unaffected by the flaw.