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Bukumal enhances sales automation with Sage CRM

Bahrain conglomerate installs Sage CRM to get better insight into sales processes

The Sage CRM helps automate sales processes for Bukumal and will aid in strategic planning.
The Sage CRM helps automate sales processes for Bukumal and will aid in strategic planning.

The Bahrain-based Bukumal conglomerate has installed Sage CRM to automate its sales processes and improve insight into its business.

The conglomerate, which has operations in Retail, Power & Energy, Properties, Security, Construction and Industrial Supplies in the GCC, realised a need for automation of sales to improve customer relations.

The Sage solution was installed by Fakhroo Information Technology Services W.L.L, and was selected based on its international reputation and modular build up, which made installation easier.

"We did not have a system in place for sales data collection and automation of creating reports to help us keep track of all our projects, and this impacted our ability to streamline our services," said Hassan Ansari, executive manager-SCM & Operations for Bukamal "The Sage CRM was the perfect choice for us, since it is an internationally certified software brand. Aside from that, the professional and timely approach by Fakhroo IT made installation simple and painless. They really took the time to understand our scale of activities and its corresponding challenges, and provided a seamless solution."

The new solution allows Bukamal to take informed critical decisions and assist them in planning for the future, Ansari added.

"Now, we have a more improved and efficient sales process, along with the ability to have instant reports, because everything is neatly stored in one place."

"We wanted to give the team at Bukumal an easy-to-use, flexible and integrated system which will allow for streamlined business processes to maximize output," said Anwar Saleem, technical manager at Fakhroo IT. "With the Sage CRM, they definitely made the right choice, as the program is a long-term solution to de-clutter even the most complex processing systems."

"The Sage CRM empowers companies like Bukumal by allowing instant access to calendars, accounts, reports, pipelines, contacts and call lists," said Reggie Fernandes, regional director at Sage ME.