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Microsoft, others to be consulted on Google EU antitrust case

Nineteen companies expected to be asked for feedback as Google battles against $6.6bn fine

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Nineteen Google critics are expected to be consulted this week regarding the search giant's battle with European regulators over anti-competitive practices, Reuters reported.

The companies, who have previously voiced concerns about Google's possible abuses of its dominant market position in Internet search, include Microsoft, German publisher Axel Springer, US travel search service Expedia, US consumer reviews website Yelp, Web map service Hot-map and UK price comparison site Foundem.

The companies' complaints, that Google had used its dominant position in search to favour its own services, helped kick-start an antitrust investigation against Google five years ago, by the European Commission that resulted in formal charges against the US giant in April. If a guilty verdict is reached Google could be fined as much as 10% of 2014 global revenue, which amounts to $6.6bn.

The Commission has asked the 19 companies for their feedback as part of the investigation and Google itself has until 7 July to respond to April's allegations.