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Emirates NBD introduces mobile cheque deposit

Emirates NBD app allows customers to deposit cheque via mobile phone

Emirates NBD customers can now pay in cheques via a mobile app.
Emirates NBD customers can now pay in cheques via a mobile app.

Emirates NBD has announced a new app that will let customers deposit cheques to their account via a mobile device.

The Mobile Cheque Deposit facility, which Emirates NBD says is the first in the Middle East, Asia and Africa,will allow its Private Banking and Priority Banking customers to deposit a cheque (issued by Emirates NBD) via its mobile banking app. Customers can capture the image of the cheque and then upload it via the bank's mobile app, saving them the hassle of a visiting a branch or a Cheque Deposit Machine (CDM).

The bank has also introduced a ‘Mobile Queuing Ticket' service, a functionality that enables all customers to obtain a queuing ticket for their branch transactions via the mobile app, even before reaching a branch, thus reducing the waiting time at the branch.

The new mobile app has been launched as part of Emirates NBD's Multichannel Transformation programme, which is designed to maximise efficiency and improve service delivery by optimising the bank's distribution mix. Emirates NBD reports that 36% of its customer base actively uses digital channels to interact with the bank.

Suvo Sarkar, general manager - Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates NBD said: "Emirates NBD was among the first in the UAE to recognise the value customers place on convenience, speed and security when it comes to banking, and this insight has shaped our retail banking strategy. We have undertaken a Multichannel Transformation programme with a large emphasis on digital channels to offer products and services never seen before in the region.

"The introduction of our new mobile banking app featuring Mobile Cheque Deposit technology and Mobile Queue Ticket testify Emirates NBD's commitment to making our customers lives simpler and more convenient. We want to continue with our strategy of extending leading and innovative solutions to our customers that further simplify everyday banking," Sarkar added.

Ali Sajwani, chief information officer, Emirates NBD, said: "Technology innovation and adoption remain a key priority for Emirates NBD Group. In the recent past, we have made significant investments in new technologies and launched an array of self-service digital-only products, resulting in significant adoption of the bank's digital banking services among our customers. Some of our innovative products and services include an Interactive Teller Machine, electronic subscription platform for IPOs, and enhanced touch-screen interface for our ATM's, among others.

"Going forward, we will continue to invest in technology that will facilitate Retail Banking's Multichannel Transformation, thus adding significant value to our customers by providing convenience while at the same time generating increased efficiency gains within the bank," added Sajwani.