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Samsung pursues more efficient batteries, thinner camera sensors

South Korean vendor hopes innovations will lead to lighter, thinner phones by 2017

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Samsung will work to introduce denser batteries and smaller camera sensors for use in its 2017 smartphone models, tech radar reported, citing reports from Chinese news site cnBeta.

Samsung is hoping to negate the trade-off made by smartphone manufacturers when measuring portability against battery life.

The South Korean company plans to increase the energy density of its handset batteries from 700Wh/l (Watt-hours per litre) to 780Wh/l, which will allow longer lifespans without having to add more cells.

The company is also hoping to make faster-charging batteries that can achieve as much as 80% in just 30m.

Also on Samsung's R&D list is a smaller pixel size for its cameras. It is targeting a 1.5mm decrease in thickness on its 16MP sensor. The company is also experimenting with a red-white-blue (RWB) sensor, to provide "better colour fidelity" in photos.