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BlackBerry to slash workforce once more

In-recovery handset maker opts for consolidation strategy

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BlackBerry is to enter a new round of job cuts worldwide, as it pursues a strategy of consolidation for its business units, Reuters reported.

The Canadian handsets maker employed 6,225 full-time staff as of February this year, according to its website. The company did not say exactly how many staff it will let go as it makes plans to merge its apps, platform and hardware divisions, but last month suggested it might close its Swedish operation, which employs 100.

A company spokeswoman said BlackBerry was hoping to take advantage of growth opportunities and bolster profitability across all business areas by "reallocating" resources.

As of Friday's market close, BlackBerry's stock has appreciated 62% in Canada's Toronto exchange, and 44% in the US, during the past year, according to Reuters.