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Microsoft quashes July Windows 10 debut rumours

OS VP sticks to ‘summer’ launch story, says platform will be released in phases

Belfiore: We have not announced a date.
Belfiore: We have not announced a date.

Windows 10 will be rolled out initially to PCs and made available to mobile devices in phases, The Register reported, citing comments from Microsoft operating systems VP, Joe Belfiore, who refused to confirm a solid release date for the forthcoming platform after some OEM partners speculated about a July launch.

"We've said that Windows 10 will launch in the summer," said Belfiore. "Some of you have heard our partners working in the ecosystem speculate about a date, but we have not announced a date."

Belfiore was speaking at Microsoft's annual Build conference in San Francisco last week and he stressed a phased launch, urging the waiting public to "have in mind this notion of Windows as a service".

"There are devices and features that will come not on the launch date but following it," he explained. "Our main focus is to kick off with a great launch on the PC. Other devices, phone, HoloLens, Xbox, Surface Hub, will be staggered, probably not on the same date as the PC.

"In some cases, phone updates require us to go through mobile operator testing. The way to think about it is a launch wave that will start in the summer with the PC and then fill out over time as more devices come online."

Microsoft is particularly keen to encourage Windows 7 users who skipped the much-maligned Windows 8, to upgrade, but Belfiore said the company was "still working on the specifics of how [users] will get presented with the upgrade offer".

"The Windows Insider Programme is a giant dress rehearsal for that," he said. "We're finding the highest volume of software and hardware issues, and then we're working with partners to address it. We won't get to 100%, but we'll get to a pretty high per cent of the existing PCs in the world being able to take the update."