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Mohamed Berrihi leaves IRIS

Berrihi steps down as channel sales manager after serving 10 years at intelligent document recognition solutions vendor

Berrihi has quit IRIS after serving the company for the last 10 years.
Berrihi has quit IRIS after serving the company for the last 10 years.

Mohamed Berrihi, one of IRIS' most proactive channel executives in the region, has revealed that he is leaving the company after a 10 year stint.

Market sources say Berrihi is likely to take up a senior channel management role at another multinational Elo Touch Solutions, a manufacturer of touch products and technologies for industrial, medical, retail, hospitality, transportation and automotive sector. According to the sources close to the matter, Elo Touch plans to set up regional presence and strengthen its channel alliances in the Middle East.

Berrihi was murky about the company he was joining but did confirmed his eminent departure in an email to colleagues and IRIS' channel partners that he would be leaving the company from 30th April 2015.

"The time has come for me to bid you farewell as I am moving ahead in my career and  30th April 2015 is my last day at IRIS. These last 10 years were full of hectic moments, trips, frustrations, successes, challenges, ups and downs that we all shared together. I want to thank you for what you brought to my life as added value," Berrihi said in an emailed statement.

Berrihi has been the main man behind IRIS' channel advancements in the retail and traditional dealer base over the last few years. He has been instrumental in mapping out the channel vision for the company's business and played a crucial role to develop a two-tier distribution model.