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FalconStor unveils new horizontal converged data services platform

FreeStor, the software-defined storage and data protection solution, enables the cloud and modernizes enterprise infrastructures

Ahuja: FreeStor lets you turn data services on and off as needed.
Ahuja: FreeStor lets you turn data services on and off as needed.

FreeStor is a milestone product for FalconStor and an industry first, in bringing a horizontal data services approach to modernizing the enterprise.

While virtualisation has streamlined some common tasks associated with managing data resources, the introduction of a virtualisation layer brings a whole new level of complexity to the protection, recovery and integration of both virtual and non-virtualised resources. FreeStor's unified platform provides migration, continuity, protection, recovery and optimization for any storage environment through a single management interface - all for a single price based on managed capacity across arrays, servers, hypervisors, data centers, and the cloud.

FalconStor's FreeStor is a breakthrough software platform that provides immense value to organizations in their storage environments today, while allowing them to embrace and integrate new technologies and capabilities, including flash at the pace their business and budgets allow. Data can be moved without disruption from any location to any location, and management is centralized for simplicity and ease of use.

"IT organizations must deal with data services such as migration, continuity, recovery, efficiency and optimization with a vertical integration view - each aspect being something to stack on one another - which tends to add layers of complexity as well," said Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC.

"FalconStor, with its Intelligent Abstraction core, is aiming to simplify data services by horizontally integrating each of these into a single, converged platform that allows storage administrators to use the services and capacity they need when they need it. Simplicity and agility are foremost needs of IT managers. The FreeStor platform is designed to allow companies to simplify data migration, recovery, protection and deduplication without tying their business to specific hardware, networks or protocols."

Cerebra Middle East, FalconStor's VAD in the region is optimistic on the channel footprint FalconStor is gaining in the region: "Data Protection, Business Continuity, Heterogeneous Environments and Recovery are the common issues when it comes to manage rapidly growing data," said Asit Ahuja, director & CEO Cerebra Middle East.

"FalconStor not only helps you seamless integrate your multivendor and multiplatform environments, but also provides high level of replication and disaster recovery orchestration, all in one solution. Both in-band and out of band solutions provides high level data integrity. FalconStor newly launched FreeStor is a single software defined platform , which gives you control FreeStor lets you turn data services on and off as needed to best fit your business needs - without incurring added costs or constraints of hardware limitations, all from one pane of glass," Ahuja added.

Ahuja also notes with satisfaction the level of interest FalconStor is attracting in the region. "We are witnessing great interest from the channel and end customers in the MEA region. As value added distributors of FalconStor in the region, we are very excited about the new release of Optimized backup and de- duplication Solution 8.0. In an environment, where customers are looking at deploying solutions where they can achieve more with less deployed physical infrastructure, the system integrators face a lot of pressure in their offerings. Not only does FalconStor contribute by ensuring highly affordable solutions, but also help recruited channel to differentiate themselves as a one stop solution provider for Business Continuity, Protection and recovery, Data migration - all through a single interface," Ahuja said.

Ahuja also revealed that Cerebra is conducting enablement sessions in UAE, QATAR  and Saudi for the channel to get a hands on feel of the solution through the next couple of months.

FreeStor delivers immediate business value to companies, such as:

  1. Simplifying the on ramp to, from and across the cloud - FreeStor's converged data management services provide an efficient way to move, synchronize and protect data between organizations' current on premise IT infrastructures and private, hosted or hybrid clouds
  2. Modernize legacy infrastructure without rip and replace - new, simple cost-effective tools work seamlessly on and across most platforms and data types while leveraging and modernizing existing hardware to further help organizations break the chains of restrictive vendor lock-in, vendor specific tools, and vendor-dictated business models
  3. Always-on business continuity - improved, enhanced local, active-active or multi-site high availability ensures files, applications, systems and even entire sites are consistently available
  4. Predictable, simple, flexible pricing with no surprises - all data management services are provided in an annual subscription-based price-per-terabyte model with 24 x 7 support and software upgrades

FreeStor is well suited for organizations using legacy technology and wanting to move to newer technologies, such as flash, or looking to leverage private or hybrid clouds; MSPs looking to move data into their cloud and provide common data management services; or OEMs wanting to provide a full, robust set of data management services. FreeStor will be available for purchase in May through FalconStor channel partners and direct for Service Providers and OEMs.

 FalconStor is also releasing version 8 of Network Storage Server (NSS) and Continuous Data Protector (CDP) and version 8.2 of Optimized Backup & Deduplication (OBD).