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Strong demand for Apple Watch despite lukewarm reviews

Pre-order buyers of Cupertino’s wrist-wear told they will have to wait one month for delivery

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Apple's predictions that demand would outstrip supply for its Watch wearable appear to have rung true as US pre-order consumers were told on Friday that they would have to wait a month for the product, Reuters reported.

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Early reviews bemoaning the Watch's slow-running apps and slamming the wrist-wear's 18-hour battery life did little to stunt interest in Cupertino's first new category under CEO Tim Cook.

In an interview on CNBC, the chief executive said Apple Stores were allowing hands-on sessions with the Apple Watch by appointment, but it was still only available on pre-order in the US. According to UAE retailers the Watch should be available in the Emirates on 25 April, one day after its global launch, but only through grey market sources, meaning early users will have to pay a premium.

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The UAE online store has yet to post prices for the Watch, but the Sport model reportedly sells for $349, the standard at $549 and the 18-carat-gold Edition range from $10,000 to $17,000.