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Uber sees rapid uptake in UAE in 2015

Taxi service gained as many new users in Q1 2015 as it did in whole of 2014

Uber says it has increased the number of users and drivers in the UAE.
Uber says it has increased the number of users and drivers in the UAE.

Smartphone taxi service Uber has announced that is has seen a sharp rise in business in the UAE in the first quarter of 2015.

The company said that it has gained as many new users, or ‘riders' in Uber-parlance, during this period as it did for the whole of 2014.

Uber has also increased its overall supply base by 20 times since its September 2013 UAE debut, and driver's time is now twice as efficient as it was a year ago, which the company says means that drivers are making more trips per hour.

Jean-Pierre Mondalek, Uber UAE general manager, commented: "Becoming a smarter city is very high on Dubai's agenda, and part of that vision includes increasing the city's transportation efficiency and easing congestion. We clearly see ourselves as a leading force in smart mobility, and the increased demand for our services demonstrates the complementary role we're playing as the city moves towards the realisation of this vision.

The service has proven to be especially popular with visitors to the UAE, with 40% of Uber riders in the country coming from abroad.

"Given Uber's expansive global presence, visitors to the country - be they here for business or leisure - now have instant access to a transportation service that is simple, safe and dependable, and with which they are familiar, having used it in their home countries. This is crucial, because as Dubai and the UAE continues to grow in stature as a global hub for business and tourism, these types of on-demand services are increasingly becoming the norm, making Uber a smart choice for a city like Dubai."

The company launched its service in Amman last week, making it the 300th city with Uber service. The company now offers its services to customers in six countries across the Middle East: the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt.