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Palo Alto claims zero-day protection in updates to endpoint solution

Company focuses on blocking exploits rather than protecting against vulnerabilities

Security software, Palo Alto Networks (www.paloaltonetworks.com)

Palo Alto Networks today announced enhancements to its "Traps" Advanced Endpoint Protection solution that will allow the cyber-defence software to protect an end-point against a zero-day attack.

According to Saeed Agha, general manager, Middle East, at Palo Alto, Traps takes "a unique prevention-oriented approach to addressing advanced attacks on endpoints", by identifying and blocking techniques used by attackers as they attempt to exploit a vulnerability.

According to a statement from Palo Alto, the approach described by Agha enables Traps to "stop even unknown malware and zero-day exploits from compromising an endpoint, and eliminates the need to rely solely on signatures and security patches for protection".

"Cyberattackers are constantly developing new ways to compromise endpoints in an effort to gain unauthorised access to enterprise networks," said Lee Klarich, senior vice president, Product Management, Palo Alto. "The latest upgrades to our Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection solution continues to make it harder and harder for attackers to be successful."

Traps 3.2 includes new exploit prevention modules and enhancements to existing modules that allow Traps to "stay steps ahead of attackers", according to Palo Alto.  Instead of trying to protect a device against a vulnerability, Traps blocks attackers as they try to exploit it. Palo Alto claims this has "proven to be the most effective tool at preventing zero-day exploits".