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Catalyst and 004 GmbH launch e-commerce company

004 Arabia will provide one-stop-shop for local e-commerce startups

004 Arabia will provide a one-stop-shop for local e-commerce startups
004 Arabia will provide a one-stop-shop for local e-commerce startups

Technology company Catalyst and e-commerce solutions provider 004 GmbH have signed an MOU to establish a one-stop-shop e-commerce enabler for the MENA region.

004 Arabia will provide the technology and support services to help companies to establish e-commerce operations.

004 Arabia will focus on providing the e-commerce services such as shop creation and management, product content creation (text and photography), marketing, customer service, payment processing and accounting services. 004 Arabia will also build a local technical team to support the projects. The core development of the 004's SaaS-technology and e-commerce process portfolio will take place in Germany.

"E-Commerce in the MENA region is at a relatively early stage. Due to the structured nature of the MENA retail market, we see a great opportunity to help existing retailers take their businesses online.  Internet usage is mobile, shopping is local, and 004's technology provides exactly what is needed for omni-channel solutions. By partnering with Catalyst, 004 Arabia will have the local power to realize a rapid and sustainable growth path without compromising on quality or service. A local team with full Arabic support across the technology solutions and services will be a key factor to our success," said Robert Hein Founder & CEO, 004 GmbH.

Sheikh Turki bin Faisal Al Thani, Chairman of Catalyst LLC, said: "Catalyst is the ideal partner for 004 GmbH to bring the complete suite of e-commerce services to Qatar and the MENA region. As Catalyst was set up to attract specialised skills in the technology field to Qatar to make it the expertise hub in the region, we believe that we have the perfect partnership with 004 GmbH with their market-leading e-commerce expertise. This is also perfect timing as the market is set to expand exponentially. This is backed up by the 2013 Interactive Media in Retail Group market report that revealed that the MENA region represented the fastest growing e-commerce region worldwide with an estimated 45% year-on-year increase."