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IBM to share proprietary tech with Chinese firms

Big Blue pledges help to build China’s IT industry

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IBM has pledged to actively help grow China's industry by sharing its technology with Chinese firms, in a bid to soften China's treatment of the US tech giant, Reuters reported.

The company's CEO, Virginia Rometty, laid out the new strategy in Beijing, at the annual China Development Forum, saying IBM would no longer view the country as merely a sales market.

"If you're a country, as China is, of 1.3bn people, you would want an IT industry as well," Rometty said yesterday. "I think some firms find that perhaps frightening. We, though, at IBM ... find that to be a great opportunity."

Rometty's remarks came in the midst of a months-long campaign by China's regulators to curtail the activities of US companies. For reasons thought to be partly due to national security concerns and partly due to a desire to grow the domestic economy, Chinese authorities have actively encouraged home-grown software and hardware.

Some US technology companies have tried to partner with Chinese companies in attempts to ease operations.

Under IBM's new strategy, Chinese firms will be able to build a number of products, including semiconductor chips, servers and software, based on IBM tech.