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SAP CEO: 'No backdoors in our tech'

Bill McDermott addresses privacy concerns at CeBIT trade show in Germany

SAP CEO: 'No backdoors in our tech'
McDermott: There are no backdoors in SAP technology. Period
SAP CEO Bill McDermott today made a commitment to customers that there are no hidden backdoors in the vendor's technology, meaning their data is secure from prying eyes.  

Speaking at a keynote session today at CeBIT 2015 - the German IT trade show - McDermott made the claim when pressed about the growing concerns around data security in the past few years. 

"Of course I've been able to sense it. I've been with SAP for 13 years, so I've been a part of the movement," he said. 

"There's no doubt that the idea of privacy and data protection and security is at a heightened pitch. It's greater here in Germany or Europe than in other areas I've visited, but it's an important issue everywhere."

McDermott admitted that a lot of the concern had sprung up from allegations that the United States government has been conducting blanket surveillance on various technologies - made public by rogue NSA contractor Edward Snowden a couple of years ago. 

Because of this, he said that SAP understood why companies might be wary about dealing with large technology companies, particularly with allegations flying around that some firms build backdoors into their products that provide access to government authorities. And when asked if SAP built backdoors into its products, McDermott categorically denied doing so. 

"There are no backdoors in SAP technology. Period," he said, adding that SAP was also keen to allow its customers to run products wherever they feel is safest. 

"Unlike some companies who only have one choice - for example, they say that the cloud is in California, and you're going to like it - we believe the customer should be able to run the tech in their data centre, in our data centre, or in a partner's data centre. We don't dictate where the customer has to run the tech," he said.
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